Our Mission


To unlock the potential of millenial graduates and young professionals and provide them with the sales and management expertise to excel immediately in complex commercial environments.


The training market is saturated with a variety of options ranging from sterile and uninformative to bloated and extortionate. At Graduate Training Limited we believe we have the winning formula that sets us apart from our competitors and provides our clients with confidence that we can deliver true value for their investment.

The 3 Reasons Why We Deliver Outstanding Value

  • We've been there! We experienced these difficulties and were able to navigate them and enjoy success in commercial and leadership roles - providing the knowledge needed to drive our course content.
  • We're still there! Our team is comprised of experienced millenials who can understand the demands of your organisation but are fully relatable to your young professional candidates.
  • We want to go further! Our products deliver a high-quality innovative offering but our pricing structure is extremely competitive to provide our clients with a real ROI, regardless of training budget

Our Approach

Our organisation was formed in a direct response to a common business problem, one that we ourselves had encountered as graduate millenials. Upon leaving university, we were brimming with an array of innovative ideas that we believed could improve our new organisation. However, after being thrust into a sales or management role, our progress was stifled by the nature of academic education. Simply put, we had strong theoretical knowledge but were missing the subtle commercial or management skills required to create tangible value from our ideas and were being bogged-down by non-issues arising from our inexperience.

Graduate Training Limited seeks to overcome this issue by providing the key "real-world" aptitudes that allow millenials to flourish. Our training packages are tailored to the demands of your organisation and are constantly updated and improved in direct response to client feedback, ensuring we remain responsive to the ever-changing commercial environment.

Contrary to popular misconception, millenials aren't addicted to technology. We are addicted to stimulation! Here at graduatetraining.co.uk, our content isn't delivered from a disjointed network of e-learning tools, monotonous powerpoints or photocopied information handouts. Instead, we believe wholeheartedly in delivering an interactive, scenario-based learning experience that grabs the attention of our candidates and offers fantastic and demonstrable value for our clients.

Unlike many training organisations, we are not a lifestyle venture of a former executive, looking for a comfortable payday in semi-retirement, nor are we are a sterile, volume-driven scheme focused on throughput over quality. We are an organisation geared for significant growth, committed to providing a market-leading service, in terms of both value and innovation.

And finally, why does the success of generation Y matter so much to us? Because we are business founded by millenials. Millenials who struggled through the tribulations aforementioned but who came through and provided tangible results for their businesses in senior leadership roles across sales, operations and strategy. We now want to pass on our expertise to help unlock the vast potential of your graduates and young professionals.